Clean and wash without chemicals
with DIRO filter system

DIRO is an innovative water filtration system producing ultrapure water for sustainable cleaning and washing. DIRO connects between your incoming water supply and existing washing machines/taps. DIRO filters the incoming water, making it ultrapure and deionised, enabling both grease and dirt to lose its grip on surfaces and fabrics. Laundry and surfaces are completely clean without any cleaning agents and detergents.

What our customers say about us

We are so proud of all our satisfied customers and always strive to go the extra mile to make you feel well taken care of

"In addition to the obvious environmental benefits, we have also seen an economic benefit in that the washing machines are in less need of service and repair."
Nikola Baric
CEO Sesab
"In addition to that we get a clean workspace and that we protect the environment, it has a clear effect on those who work with the cleaning. Their allergic reactions and headaches are gone."
Heléne Flyckt
Enhetschef för Lokal- och Miljöservice i Laxå kommun
"The benefits are many. On the one hand, it is very easy to clean with DIRO and we get rid of the chemicals, but it also removes mold. In addition, we were surprised how clean it actually gets."
Elisabeth Pettersson
Avdelningschef på Hallstahammars kommuns städavdelning

For a sustainable future

We take climate change very seriously. Together with our customers and partners, we are working to make our planet a cleaner world in the future.

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