DIRO, the filter system that makes it possible to wash and clean completely without chemicals

Make the world a cleaner place

Chemical free - Allergy free - Environmentally friendly

DIRO is a filter system for commercial use. DIRO is installed between the incoming water and your washing machine, the water is converted to DIRO water which makes your laundry completely clean without detergents or othet chemicals. As an option, a tap can be installed to use the water for cleaning.

For a sustainable future

At SWATAB we take climate change very seriously. Together with our customers and partners, we are working to make our planet a cleaner world in the future.

Areas of application

SWATABs innovative filter technology gives you many benefits. We have filter solutions that help you reduce your chemical usage and energy costs.

What our customers say about us

We are so proud of all our satisfied customers and always strive to go the extra mile to make you feel well taken care of

"We are so proud that Grand Hotel in Lund is the first hotel in Sweden to do laundry with this environmentally friendly and allergy free method"
Maria Paulsson
CEO Grand Hotel
"The laundry becomes clean and odor free", says Magnus Röman projectmanager at MKB Fastighets AB that have started to use our new technology to do laundry.
Magnus Röman
Projectmanager MKB
"We can proudly say that we clean and wash with a clean conscience
Ines Puric Mulabdic
Labor and social management authority Malmö city

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DIRO filter system for laundry is a concrete example of how new technical solutions can help achieve to set environmental goals. With DIRO you can wash and clean with only clean water, without chemicals and at lower temperatures. It promotes sustainable development, which means that instead of compensating for emissions and energy consumption, we start reducing them.

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