Sustainable cleaning with DIRO

Good cleaning is not just about dust and dirt, it is above all about physical health. DIROS clean water improves the environment for school children and patients, employees and tenants, customers and visitors.



For those of you who prioritize health and sustainability, there is now a unique opportunity to wash and clean in a completely natural way. Through the ingenious filter DIRO, the water you use becomes deionized and free from lime and chemicals and you can forget everything that has to do with detergents and other preparations. This is the way of the future to keep clean and by investing in sustainable cleaning, SWATAB offers you the opportunity to protect both yourself and your surroundings.


Just about all surfaces and products can advantageously be cleaned with DIRO water, including carpets, windows, floors and work surfaces. As if that were not enough, you can also clean the mops and cleaning cloths that you use with the water and thus no longer need to use detergent for them either. By investing in clean water, without harmful substances, you not only reduce the risk of allergies but also get rid of bacteria and viruses very effectively. 

The sustainable cleaning of the future is here to stay and SWATAB’s vision is to be able to contribute to a cleaner and better planet in a smart and practical way.

Where do SWATAB products fit best?

The water technology developed by SWATAB is extremely suitable for both homes and companies as a sustainable environment should be everywhere. The filter can also be adapted to be installed on several machines, which makes it ideal for laundry rooms or places where it is constantly washed, for example in kindergartens, nursing homes or hotels. Especially children and older people are often more sensitive, and it has become increasingly common with various allergies – not least from the many chemical products that until now are used for cleaning and washing. When you install the unique DIRO water filter, the risk of allergic reactions and other problems is immediately reduced, without the quality of what is being washed deteriorating. You can wash everything at exactly the same temperatures as before and look forward to a clean and wonderfully fresh result.

How does the filter work?

 The DIRO filter from SWATAB provides direct and immediate filtration that gives you ultra-clean water for washing and cleaning, and the filter is very easy to install. It does not matter if you have old or new machines, the filter fits most models and gives a water quality like no other.


When cleaning with DIRO water, you do not need to use gloves to protect your hands from chemicals. DIRO does not cause eczema or extreme dehydration.

In practical terms, when cleaning with DIRO water, you spray, wait a few seconds and then wipe clean with a cloth or mop. Use microfiber cloths and microfiber mops with advantage, but you can also use other materials such as wettex cloths and cloths.

Tests with ATP meters show that cleaning with DIRO water is fully sufficient even in toilets. If you have a problem in the toilet with e.g. lime or bad smell, you can use bicarbonate and vinegar. The smell of vinegar evaporates pretty soon.

You can use different chemical products together with DIRO water, but it is not needed.

If you have problems with static electricity after washing with DIRO, you can use vinegar to your advantage.

Recipe for own rinse aid:

5 dl vinegar 24%
5 dl water
5-7 drops of essential oil (optional)
Mix the liquids in a glass bottle and shake well before using it. Add a couple of tablespoons to the rinse aid dispenser and wash as usual.

When you wash floors that need polish with DIRO water, you will notice that the polish lasts longer, so you do not need to perform periodic cleaning as often.