Real Estate

There are many possibilities to reduce the use of chemicals in real estate.

When you choose to install SWATAB´s DIRO-system for both laundry and cleaning, the possibilities are endless. DIRO-water can be used to clean the floors with floor washing machines or wall to wall carpets with carpet washers. You can also use DIRO- water in spray bottles and wash all clothes and textiles in washing machines with the DIRO-system installed.

By installing DIRO to your washing machines you will have access to completely chemical free laundryand cleaning.

More and more companies are already using a wash solution for floor mops. These programs are developed in collaboration with Podab and Miele.

Normal laundry of mops can be done without heating and hygienic wash at 60°. If you would like to receive ready to use mops, we can arrange that as well.

Your washing machines will be clean without residue depositions or lime scale build-up that increase the cost of heating the laundry water.

By using DIRO in your business, you will improve the working conditions for your staff and make it easier to receive environmental certifications.