Our vision

SWATAB is Swedish company with a focus on a sustainable society.

With the patented product DIRO, SWATAB can offer everyone an oppertunity to wash and clean completely without chemicals.

  • We want to contribute to a cleaner world and a sustainable future.
  • We are an innovative company at the forfront, investing in the development and manufacture of sustainable chemical free solutions. 
  • The future way to wash and clean efficiently and cleanly is with DIRO water. We want to give everyone an opportunity to wash and clean without adversily affecting the environment and health. By washing and cleaning without chemicals, we are one step closer to the sustainability goals.
  • SWATAB is working to make our planet a cleaner world in the future. Togheter with our customers and partners, we can make a big different to our environment.

Which world do you want to live in?