Laundry services

Now you can reduce your use of chemicals.

By installing the DIRO system in your business you can offer your clients an allergy free laundry service, improve the working conditions for your staff and reduce your carbon footprint.

With the DIRO system in your laundry service your washing machines will be able to do laundry completely chemical free.

Your washing machines will be clean without residue depositions or lime that increase the cost of heating the laundry water.

Cleaning up and waste management will become easier and the air emitted from the washing machines will no longer smell of chemicals which can be a problem for residents and passers-by.

We want to contribute to a cleaner world and a more sustainable future

The benefits are many:

   • Reduced service costs

   • Increased lifespan of machines

   • Applicable to new and older machines

   • Lower water temperature

   • Significantly reduced cost per wash than with dosing systems

   • Does not require reprogramming or reconstruction of machines

   • Shorter washing program

   • More energy efficient and saves energy

   • Cleaner laundry room with less waste

   • Collaboration agreement with Podab and Miele with optimized laundry programs