Laundry room

Installing our DIRO system gives you a number of benefits:

• With DIRO in the laundry room you get about 50% lower service costs, even dryers with modern heat pump technology require less maintenance. This also means that you get less disturbance in the laundry room as the time with downtime is reduced.

• With DIRO in the laundry room you have no waste disposal of packaging, a cleaner laundry room with less cleaning of the room. The laundry room is more pleasant for the tenant and requires less supervision from the property owner.

• With DIRO in the laundry room you have a lower energy consumption through lower washing temperature, shorter washing programs and lower residual moisture in the fabric.

• With DIRO in the laundry room, you do not need to buy detergents or rinses, nor do you need to buy detergents for cleaning as DIRO water can be used to clean all types of surfaces. You can produce your own cleaning agent.

• With DIRO in the laundry room, the service life of your washing machines and dryers increases because there is no build-up of lime or detergent residues, the same goes for the drain pipes.

The laundry room with DIRO

Your washing machines will be clean without residue depositions or lime scale that increase the cost of heating the laundry water. Cleaning the facilities and waste management will be reduced and air emissions will no longer smell like chemicals, which might pose a problem for residents living on top of the laundry room.

DIRO can be installed both on new and old machines and does not require reprogramming or reconstruction of the machines. We can offer optimized washing programs for both Podab´s and Miele´s machines for even better results at no extra cost.

SWATAB has installed the DIRO system in many laundry facilities in Scandinavia. Both the residents and the landlords are happy and are helping the environment while reducing their energy consumption.