White textiles can get a bit grey and dull over time.

When you have washed your white clothes many times, they may loose their whitness, this may be beacause the clothes contain optical brighteners, but it may also be due to other causes.

White shirt recipe:
Messure out 0,5 dl squized lemon and stir in 2 tablespoons bicarbonate. Pour  4,5 l of loup warm water in a bowl, pour in the solution and stir. Put in the laundry and leave to soak over night. Wash as usual on a normal washing program. 

For shirt collars and cuffs:                                                                                                         Mix a loose paste of bicarbonate and lemon, rub in the paste on shirt collars and cuffs.


Threat the stains in a natural way.

DIRO removes most stains, but sometimes stains are so difficult that you have to use a stainremover. You can use whatever kind you want, whether you buy it at the store or make your own. We at SWATAB would like to advice you on some environmentaly friendly alternatives. Always start by spraying DIRO water on the stain and try to soak up as much as possible with a sponge or cloth. If this is not enough, you can use various natural products to rub on the stain with, such as sourmilk, lemon, white wine vinegar, bile soap and bicarbonate and leave on for about 15 minutes. Then wash as normal. Sometimes the stain may need to be soaked all night with one of these substances.

Bile soap; Avaliby in liquid and solid form. Difficult stains from liquids are best removed by mixing liquid bile soap and DIRO water in a spraybottle. Spray on the stain, wait 10 minutes and then wash with your normal program. Stains from solids are treated by soaking a solid bile soap and rubbing a little with it on the stain. Wait 10 minutes and wash with your normal program.

Bicarbonate; For spots that are extra difficult e.g. saffron or dryed blood you need to bring in the heavy artillery. Take some bicarbonate and mix with a few drops of DIRO water to a loose paste, rub in the paste on the stain. Wait a while and wash with your normal program.

Vinegar; Can be used for laundry with bad odor. Pour half a cup of vinegar in the prewash or straight into the drum. When the laundry is done, it may smell a little of vinegar, this will disappear when the laundry is dry.

If you do not have a optmized DIRO program from the manufacturer, you should allways use a cold prewash so that the stain does not “burn” to the fabric.


There are stains that are so cut into the fabric that they can´t even be treated with stain removal.

If you wash and treat the stain repetely but it does not disappear, you can bleach it. Popular white detergents sometimes have bleaching per se ,but bleaching can destoed the fabric after a while.

Natural ways to bleach;
Lemon is perfect for spots that need bleaching. for example, if the bedsheat has a stain, you can spray lemonjucie on it and then hang it out in the sun for a more environmentally friendly bleching process.  Don´t forget that the sun itself is a terrific bleach metod.