How DIRO works

The patented method for washing

1. DIRO is installed between incoming cold water and one or more washing machines. It works just as well on old machines as on new ones. DIRO purifies the water through several filters to make it extremely pure and deionized. The filtered water is then pumped into the washing machine as usual.

2. The filtered water is ultra-pure and deionized. It contains no lime or other minerals. When the water comes into contact with the textiles in the washing machine, dirt and grease will be released from the fibers in the fabric. These unwanted particles are carried away with the rinsing water, leaving the fabric clean and free of chemicals. The fabrics become soft without the need for rinse aid. The laundry becomes perfume-free with a nice natural scent.

3. Podab and Miele have developed optimized programs adapted to DIRO for even better washing results, but washing can be done with existing programs and washing machines.