With the DIRO system we can help you reduce the amount of chemicals you use at your preschool. You can strengthen your environmental profile and offer the children a preschool where all washing and cleaning is chemical-free. 

SWATAB has today installed system DIRO at several preschools with a very good reult. DIRO is the natural choice when it comes to safeguarding the future.


DIRO reduces the use of chemicals at the preschool

Operation non-toxic preeschool was started by the Swedish Society for Nature Concervation in 2013. The goal was to reduce the environmental toxins that children are exposed to in preschools. Through the initiative “Toxic-free Preschool”, several preschools today are well on their way to improving their childrens environment.


We can help you reduce the use of chemicals in the preschool

DIRO is the way of the future for washing and cleaning.