Health aspects

When you use DIRO water you do not expose yourself and your enviroment to the effects of chemicals.

The skin is the body´s largest organ. It will absorb anything that is water soluble, for example detergents. Some of the detergents and a large part of the softener that you use when washing will remain in the fabric.

Many detergents also contain chemicals that are designed to remain on the fabrics to make them whiter or to hide/camouflage stains.


Take care of your health

20 % of Sweden´s population suffers from some form of contact allergy, and the number is increasing at a high rate every year. Even asthma and fragrance sensitivity is increasing.

Many people suffer from fragrance allergy. Most laundry detergents and fabric softeners have a strong fragrance to make laundry smell and “feel clean and fresh”, and camouflage any remaining bad odors.