Emergency services

A fire station with less chemicals.

By installing the DIRO system you can significantly reduce your use of chemicals and wash textiles completely chemical free.

With DIRO you can not only wash all your gear and your regular clothes completely without chemicals, but also  fire hoses and cars with DIRO water. The daily cleaning is easily accomplished with DIRO water and microfiber rags. This way you will be improving the working conditions of your staff and reducing the negative impact on the environment.

We can help you reduce the use of chemicals

A fireman´s working environment is filled with risks and challenges, including the health risks of contamination and repeated exposure to hazardous chemicals.

The protective clothing and gear firemen wear are supposed to protect against chemicals, but hazardous chemicals can get stuck in textiles and protective gear. Exposure to the chemicals therefore continues even after the job is done. Clothes and equipment expose you to chemicals as long as they are handled, such as when carrying them back to the station and in the changing room.

It is much safer to remove the protective gear and clothes on the job site, packing them into bags and transporting them to the fire station where they can be washed without chemicals.