Cleaning services and mop cleaning

With SWATAB´s DIRO system you can clean chemical free.

With SWATAB´s DIRO water you can:

   • Wash mops and cleaning cloths in the washing machine

   • Wash floors with a floor cleaning machine

   • Wash carpets with a carpet cleaning machine

   • Wash the windows with DIRO water

   • Clean all surfaces with DIRO water

We want to contribute to a cleaner world and a more sustainable future.

Now you can clean completely without chemicals

The new way to clean effectively is with DIRO water. We want to give everyone the possibility to clean and wash laundry without chemicals impacting our planet and our health in a negative way. By cleaning cloths and mops without chemicals, you can also reduce your energy and consumption costs.

SWATAB is the only company in the world to offer a totally chemical free circular experience.

Now you can reduce the use of chemicals in your cleaning business. By installing the DIRO system you can improve the working conditions for your staff and reduce your carbon footprint on the invironment.